Who We Are


We are a team of dedicated, experienced educators who are committed to delivering quality, effective instruction.  

We believe this can only be accomplished through true collaboration.     


Melanie Quave

Educational Consultant

There is nothing I enjoy more than seeing that “aha” moment in a student’s face. My approach has always been to employ every learning strategy and modality to get there.  As an Instructional Coach I am honored to support teachers in their classrooms to achieve that moment for their students.  

My educational path includes teaching grades 3-10 in various settings and systems. It was an honor to serve as an administrator in the elementary and middle school settings.  I obtained my bachelor’s in Industrial Psychology from Loma Linda University and a Masters in Educational Leadership from the University of LaVerne.  My husband Matt and I live in the Los Angeles area with our fur babies, Sunny and Hobbes.  In our spare time we love camping, gardening, DIY projects and spending time with family.

Melanie Harris

Educational Consultant

I love being an educator.  During my 17 years in education I have served in many capacities, such as general education teacher, instructional coach, state instructional/behavior coach, and consultant.  My favorite part of being an educator is working with other educators to improve learning outcomes for students.  I received my Bachelors of Science Degree from Weber State University with a major in Elementary Education and a Minor in Early Childhood Education in 1996.  I received my Masters Degree at the University of Utah in 2013 through the Educational Leadership and Policy program.  In my spare time, I enjoy traveling with my family to new places to experience the world around me. My husband and I live in Marin County, California with our three kids and dog.

Why we get up in the morning…


For the love of empowering teachers through meaningful professional development and collaborative coaching to consistently provide the most effective differentiated instruction that supports complex thinking.

  • Planning together is better
  • Model Lessons
  • Co-Teaching
  • Instructional Rounds
Core Instruction
  • Effective Instructional Practices are the best medicine
  • Differentiation doesn't have to be hard
  • Supporting students in tackling complex problems
  • Conceptual understanding of Common Core
  • Curriculum Mapping
  • Common Core Pacing
  • Writing Real World Assessments


Collaborative Lessons Taught


Integrated Lessons Written


Coffee Consumed


Presentations Delivered

Education Partners

Let’s Teach Together partners with districts, schools and companies that are committed to educating the whole child in the most effective manner.

This includes ensuring that not only are kids exposed to a variety of instructional modalities but are also encouraged to tackle complex real world problems through extended, integrated activities.

We encourage you to support and reach out to any of our partners to hear how collaboration is the key to improving instruction for all parties involved; this includes students, teachers, administrators and parents.

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Teacher feedback is the lifeblood of our business. Tell us what’s on your mind, good or bad.

We respond to all feedback and look forward to hearing from you!