Conejo Valley Unified School District

Director of Special Education, Dr. Michelle Morse and Assistant Director, Tobey Shaw are committed to effective instruction for all students in Conejo Valley Unified School District. LTT  and the middle school teachers for Students with Special Needs in both Math and ELA are teaching together.

img_3782The teachers are working hard to provide solid Common Core instruction to prepare their students for the rigors of high school all the while ensuring their instruction is differentiated to meet each individual student’s educational plan. LTT is supporting teachers by providing workshops and planning time in developing a deep conceptual understanding of the Common Core standards.  We are also working to assist aligning their ELA and Math curriculum with complex, realimg_3787 world problem solving tasks.

Throughout the school year, LTT and the teachers are collaborating by planning effective core lessons and intentionally working to improve the delivery of those lessons in all classrooms through the progression of the LTT Collaborative Coaching Core.

Date Published: October 31, 2016
Category: Collaborative Coaching Core, Conceptual Understanding Core
Client: Conejo-Valley Unified School District

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