We provide services in four basic areas.  All of our support is completely customized to the needs at your school site.  Our overarching umbrella is providing teachers with the tools necessary to plan and deliver quality instruction with a real world emphasis.

We bring teachers together to collaborate. It’s hard work, but it puts the 

fun back in teaching!


PD Planning Core

We provide long range professional development planning and development. This Core is based on collaborative work with your leadership team to build internal sustainability.

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Conceptual Content Core

This Core provides discipline specific workshops focused on teachers working collaboratively to deepen their understanding and delivery of content. This includes building in differentiation, meeting the needs of English Learners and scaffolding strategies.

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Collaborative Coaching Core

Our coaching model is built on the foundation of teachers working together to create a cycle of improving instruction. This includes using an innovative, collaborative real-time or live coaching method that delivers instant, actionable feedback in a no tension environment.

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Curriculum Integration Core

This core is for those who want a customized integrated curriculum based on your school focus area. We work with your focus and curriculum to develop integrated tasks for STEM, STEAM, VAPA and NGSS.

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What is it like to work with us?

  • Collaborative
  • Creative
  • Customized
  • Focused on the Core