Collaborative Coaching Core

gp2At Let’s Teach Together, collaboration is defined as a partnership between equals. We focus on building relationships while valuing each teacher’s thoughts and beliefs about instruction. We believe the coaching process should be rewarding while building a teacher’s self-efficacy in instructional practices. For this reason our Collaborative Coaching Core is built on the foundation of gradual release in support of a school-wide vision for  instruction.

To begin with we provide model lessons in your classrooms using a variation of live or real-time coaching model. This method of coaching creates synergy within the classroom as the students, teacher and coach all become partners in the instructional process.  Feedback is instant and actionable within that lesson. Students love seeing their teachers work together and teachers breath easy as they have fun in the classroom while improving instructional practices.

Throughout the LTT coaching progression continual support is provided working towards the goal of consistent cycles of teacher collaboration, delivery and adjustment of the instructional process. The final step in the coaching progression is a team led instructional round.





  • Model Lessons taught in your classroom
  • Lessons always planned collaboratively and differentiated for your students
  • Live coaching is a highly engaging way to improve instructional practices