Professional Development Planning Core

Do you want to deliver engaging, goal aligned Professional Development for your teachers during staff meetings, but just don’t have the time to plan?

This Core provides you with teacher led, customized staff meeting and collaboration time activities.


Your  school needs and goals are determined through collaborating directly with your leadership team and looking at school level data.  The Leadership team goes through a series of protocols to develop specific school goals that support the school plan. 


Rio Vista Elementary Leadership Team working hard on setting goals for the year.

Once the goals are decided on, with the support of LTT the team goes to work developing Professional Development activities that they will then deliver to their own staff.     LTT then writes customized protocols to assist your leadership team with delivering the PD to the rest of the staff.  This Core includes an initial and summative data gathering visit.





  • School Goals
  • School Led
  • Empowering Teachers